Paid Reports

Customized Reports for your brand, product and influencers

Brand Overview Report
A selection of multiple quantitative data insights offered by Tribe Dynamics, which taken together provide a holistic, in-depth picture of an individual brand’s product performance and community health for a given time period of up to 1 year. This report includes: EMV totals for a brand’s top 5 products; monthly ambassador retention rates; Stay/Drop/New data for a brand’s entire ambassador comm...
Regular price $10,000
Brand Due Diligence Report
A deliverable providing data-backed insights and strategic recommendations for firms conducting due diligence on a brand’s earned media performance, complete with a review/Q&A session with the Tribe Dynamics team. By highlighting the performance of relevant ambassadors, products, campaigns, and influencer marketing practices through the lens of EMV, Tribe Dynamics’ Due Diligence Reports off...
Regular price $15,000
Product Due Diligence Report
An analysis of up to 10 products, selected either by your brand or Tribe Dynamics, featuring EMV-backed insights and influencer testimonials. Brands can use Tribe Dynamics’ extensive social data and knowledge of the beauty space to gain insight into the social performance of its products and forge productive partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest retailers.
Regular price $10,000
Influencer Due Diligence Report
A review of select influencers, chosen either by your brand or by Tribe Dynamics, assessing these influencers’ potential as viable brand partners through both a qualitative and EMV-driven framework. By leveraging Tribe Dynamics’ data and in-depth insights, brands can be better informed about their influencer partnership strategies, setting themselves up for greater long-term success.
Regular price $6,000